Semiland Co. Ltd was founded in 2020, Dongguan, Guangdong Province. The R&D engineering center is inside Dongguan Songshan Lake Materials Lab under the support of Dongguan government and Jiangsu local government.  The team is dedicated to developing innovative packaging technologies for wide bandgap devices to unleash their performance to the maximum extreme. Starting from innovative packaging technology and system integration of SiC power module, the market orientation will be aligned in new energy vehicle, high speed welder, rail, power supply, and UPS..etc. and also provide customer oriented services to optimize thermal management and system performance.

Semiland's Main Business

Semiland's core business focuses on research, development, manufacturing, and selling of high-density power electronic modules, especially the third generation of Wide Bandgap semiconductor power module products.

Wide bandgap semiconductors operate at temperatures over 300°C, handle ten times higher voltages and eliminate up to 90 % of power losses in electricity transfer compared to current technology. To take full advantage of these excellent devices properties, our team is targeting high temperatures, low parasitic inductance, high voltage breakdown, and high switching frequency module products for the application areas, including PV, wind power, EV/HEV, train, smart grid and so on.