Power Modules

Semiland's core business focuses on the development, manufacturing, and sales of IGBT, Full SiC and Hybrid power electronics modules, including the gate driver products.

Starting from innovative packaging technology and system integration of SiC power modules, we will deliver high-quality power module products with low parasitic inductance, high operation temperature, as well as high switching frequency capability.

Si Power Modules

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Full SiC Power Modules

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Hybrid Power Modules

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Automotive Power Modules

The components involved in power semiconductor applications in EV system architecture include: motor driver, onboard charger (OBC), onboard DC/ DC, and off-board charging pile.

The development of electric vehicles requires higher power, lower loss, and smaller size of motor controllers.

At the same time, the trend of integration of motor and controller requires a higher speed of motors, higher working frequency, and smaller size of controllers.

Therefore, SiC devices are the inevitable choice for future electric vehicles.

Renewable Energy Power Modules

A high-value application area is needed to settle a new device technology in the beginning stage of the high-cost SiC transistors.

Renewable energy systems are the most promising industrial application with high growth rates.

The application of SiC power semiconductor devices in energy systems can help eliminate several issues which are at present due to the material limitations of silicon, and the need for a highly efficient and reliable power conversion system in wind turbines was also matched with the material properties of SiC.

Railway traction and power transmission power modules

Power electronics encompasses a vast range of industrial applications, including electrical and electronic equipment, household appliances, industrial production equipment, uninterrupted power supplies, tractions for trains, and high voltage DC transmission equipment, etc.

The use of SiC power electronic systems with high efficiency and simple cooling for these applications will strongly reduce electric energy consumption.